John Friel, Psy.D., QME

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John Friel, M.D., QME

Dr. Friel has practiced forensic psychology and neuropsychology for more than twenty years serving as a consultant and expert witness within the civil, criminal and Workers’ Compensation systems.  

Dr. Friel has practiced extensively as a senior staff neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist in major medical centers where he provided state of the art (evidenced-based) clinical consultative services and care within comprehensive neurology/ neurosurgery and rehabilitative treatment programs.    

Dr. Friel is a co-author of peer reviewed research publications in the areas of traumatic brain injury and neuropsychological rehabilitation, which involved the development and validation of individual and group-based interventions for impairments of cognition, behavior and social functioning, as well as qualitative research regarding factors that contribute to subjective well-being and quality of life.

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Professional Background

  • Neuropsychology Fellowship/Residency at JFK Medical Center
  • Staff Neuropsychologist at JFK Medical Center
  • Assistant Professor, Neuroscience/neuropsychology, Seton Hall University
  • Faculty Member, Neurology Residency, Seton Hall University
  • Staff Neuropsychologist at Cedar Sinai Medical Center
  • Co-investigator (grant-funded research), TBI Model Systems/NIDDR
  • QME Clinical Psychology
  • QME Neuropsychology


  • Culver City
  • Downtown LA – 90071
  • Encino
  • Orange
  • Oxnard
  • San Bernardino (3)
  • Van Nuys (2)
  • West LA (4)
  • Westlake Village (2)
  • Woodland Hills (2)


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