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Team Intro

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David Glaser
(Karen) Wendy Freed
Fereidoon Kharabi
Saule Buzaite
Ph.D., QME
John Friel
Psy.D., QME
Sandra Goodman
Shane Hutton
Ph.D., QME
Kimberly Janovitch
Ph.D., QME
Kevin McCullough
Ph.D., QME
Diana Payne
Ph.D., QME

Experienced, Qualified, and Skillful

These words best define the diverse team of clinicians and practitioners at GFG. At GFG, our psychiatric and psychological experts provide a thorough and comprehensive evaluation followed by a report, in a timely and accurate manner. Our clinicians are highly trained and experienced in their respective specialties within the forensic and medical/legal psychiatric and psychological arena. Each expert is thoroughly prepared, adept and skillful in communicating with attorneys, insurance adjusters, self-insured corporations and government agencies.

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